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Relaxation and Confidence CD /MP3

What Stress Is. Lack of Confidence.

Quite simply stress is pressure that you feel you can't handle - that you're out of control in one or more areas of your life. A lack of confidence can sometimes go along with stress or just be a feature of your life depending on how you were brought up and whether major life events have left their impression. Both stress and lack of confidence are affected in a major way by how you think. If you tend have a negative 'half empty glass' point of view, you tend to then feel that way as well.

What It Does

Stress tends to be cumulative and affects you in ways you maybe didn't expect and have hardly been aware of until the symptoms became more severe - examples are reduced efficiency, overload, being irritable, in an anxious state, suffering fatigue and burn-out.

How Can This digital recording Help?

Hypnosis has been defined (among other definitions) as "a focussed state of deep relaxation".

Sometimes people remark on this focus after a session or listening to a hypnotherapy track. Clients get so relaxed they report that this is the most comfortable they have been for a long time, which indicates they were so tense they needed to achieve this level.

While using this recording you're using the same powerful rules of the mind which have helped others to feel much more relaxed. The confidence aspect is built in by the use of positive thought and ego-strengthening suggestions. Because you are so relaxed mentally and physically, these suggestions work strongly on your behalf and help you to cope with stressful or challenging situations better.

How this hypnosis track has worked for others

"Anxiety has felt very much under control... Have been able to relax much more. Would recommend hypnotherapy for anyone who suffers from lack of confidence or anxiety" Ms K.H., Perth

Relaxation & Confidence CD

UK £11.99

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Relaxation & Confidence Download **

UK £9.99


Hypnosis CD for relaxation and confidence