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“Gastric Band” Hypnosis for Overeating and Weight Loss

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Gastric Band - Intro Track 1 & Installation Track 2

Who can benefit from this CD / download?

Anyone who feels that their overeating has become a dietary disorder and this has resulted in significant weight gain which is both unhealthy and unattractive.

Willpower is still important!

These tracks will definitely help, but you should not be relying on it as some sort of miracle cure. Like stopping smoking, it's important to make a real, conscious, decision to change your habits. This includes altering your diet where needed and determining to take more exercise. Even a brisk 20 minute walk per day will bring major benefit.

Reasons why people overeat

Food of course is essential to survival. Sometimes people associate being overfed or eating certain types of food - usually (but not always) sweet with reward for doing something or for being loved and cared for by a relative.

Under stress or other psychological conditions such as boredom food can “fill a gap” and the subconscious mind is more reassured that all is well. Repeated many times it learns that this is the “solution” for unwanted emotional conditions.  Then the food itself turns into the problem as the body fails to use up the extra calories and stores fat instead.
Gastric Band Track 1 - Introduction/Safety

Gastric Band Track 2

This track is designed to help you “install” and “set” the gastric band level. And to give encouragement to adopt a healthier and lifestyle accordingly. Violating the band restrictions is programmed to give a feeling of nausea or sickness if the restriction is not observed.

Best to listen to this track once then use track 3 after this.

Gastric Band-Adjusting Track 3

Continuing with the good result

This track helps you to stay motivated, fit, energetic and at your chosen weight. It encourages you to think about the gastric band “setting” and whether this need to be adjusted.

So use is a number of times to keep the maintenance of the “band” at the correct level over time.

Gently effective...

Weight loss with hypnosis tends to be steady and gentle, which helps to avoid the yo-yo problem to make up for sudden loss. The best way to deal with weight loss is slowly and steadily, eating a healthy diet and exercising moderately. My field of expertise is not nutrition but most people who have tried to lose weight know quite well what to eat and what not. If not, consulting a qualified nutrition expert is highly recommended.   

Hypnotic Virtual Gastric Band CD

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Hypnotic virtual gastric band cd and mp3 download