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Any hints other than hypnosis?

When teaching my own son Iain how to drive I found the most effective way to deal with a "kangaroo clutch" problem was to have him repeat using the clutch many times in one driving session - around 20-30. This uses a rule of the mind which is that the more you immerse yourself in an activity and repeat it the more automatic and skilled you become. (He recently passed his test first time).

How this has worked for other people

"Good news! I PASSED MY DRIVING TEST!! Thank you very much for all your help with my anxiety! I still can't believe that I have passed. It is a great feeling." Ms S.C., Crieff

"Just to say thanks for getting me through my driving test. I cant believe it - after failing twice with my nerves, on test day, after using my CD, I sailed through it. I felt so confident and didn't think twice about driving later on by myself the same day. It was just unbelievable - thanks again." Mrs M.B., Darwen, Lancs.

Driving Confidently CD

UK £11.99

For MP3

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Driving Confidently MP3 Download **

UK £9.99

Driving Confidently CD /MP3

Who needs this CD /download?

If you are anxious or nervous about driving or face having to deal with the driving test. You may have failed before and have lost confidence. Or feel shaky about driving on main roads or motorways. Maybe in heavy town or city traffic. Even if you have a real specific phobia about driving this track will help and start you on the road to recovery.

How come I'm so scared of driving?

Driving is an inherently dangerous process. You only have to open your daily newspaper to read about death and injury caused by vehicle accidents. But usually people who have driving anxiety or phobia have a heightened awareness of risk - away above the real risk faced. In effect they turn the possibility of a life-threatening situation into a real probability when the risk is usually much lower than that. The fact that you are fearful about driving can in effect increase the real risk, not reduce it, since your attention can be more on how you feel than on the traffic hazards ahead of you or behind. Your subconscious, which is the part of your mind dealing with your survival has been over-sensitised in some way to road danger and so the anxiety can start even before you step into the car.

How does this digital recording help?

By helping you to relax deeply mentally and physically, and with suggestions about increasing your confidence in driving you can desensitise the fear and find that you are actually enjoying driving, that it is no longer a chore or something to get worried about. You should also find that your attention is more on the road and controlling your car or other vehicle rather than on the fear of driving. This makes you a better, safer driver.